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puffy mandrels

  These acrylic cubes measure about 1 inch and are a beautiful way to display you favorite beads in your personal collection. Many artists use them for display on their tables at bead shows. These cubes also solve the problem of gifting a bead to someone who will never wear it. Include a stand and it can delight them near a window, their computer or on a shelf.

(See ordering info below.)

The "Puffy Mandrel" is a high quality steel tube used to blow hollow beads. This mandrel is an adaptation of a tool used at the furnace, scaled down to bead size. Originally made by our friend in Israel, Amnon Elbaz, with his guidance it has been developed and sold under our tradename, "Puffy Mandrels" in the U.S. and throughout the world. (See ordering info below.)

acrylic beadstands

Ordering is easy!! Puffy Mandrels come in small (3/32") and large (1/8"). Small mandrels are 2 for $15 or five for $35. Large mandrels are 2 for $17 or five for $40. Please email Jeri@jeribeads.com and we will send you a paypal invoice that includes shipping.

Beadstands are 5 for $15 and are now in stock!